What is a Dammit Doll?
It's the best stress relief in the market, great for both young and old. Very durable 30cm doll that you can throw, slam and don't forget to yell DAMN! 
Where do you ship from?
All of our orders are dispatched from our warehouse located in Sydney, Australia.
How long does shipping take?
In general, same-city deliveries arrive overnight and deliveries to nearby cities within 2-3 days.
How do I clean my doll?
The slamming and whacking took a dirty turn. We’re going to have to ask you to refrain from the usual spin cycle. These gifts are spot clean only!
My stitches have come undone, can I have a refund?
Due to the nature of the product any stress related damage is not our responsibility. Our products are very durable, if you have split it open kudos to you!